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  1. vDAL Virtual is looking for the best! ** This is a board member position ** Virtual Delta Air Lines is looking for a S.E.V.P & Chief Operating Officer! The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for making sure vDAL is maintaining a smooth operation throughout the virtual airline. They oversee the S.V.P. & Director Flight Operations, and the S.V.P. & Director Flight Training. - Staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner - Staff Members will be at least 18 yrs of age at time of hire. - Will display honesty, truthfulness and integrity - Required to do 3 or more flights per calendar month - Follow and enforce all policies set out within this Operations Guide - Must NOT hold a staff position at any other Virtual Airline, this is seen as a conflict of interest - Previous managerial experience on the VATSIM Network or within real world is preferred but not required - Attends monthly Staff Meeting - Maintains the SOP - Hired by and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer - Enforces the rules of this Operations Guide - Refers pilot to the correct Staff Member on some issues such as LOA’s, Fleet etc… - Checks e-mails daily
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